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I went on a trip to Fukui prefecture two years ago.

I went on a trip to Fukui prefecture two years ago. Planning a JR trip close to Osaka ・ Kyoto. I have been to Shiga Prefecture and I have been to Nara Prefecture. At first I was planning to make Wakayama prefecture, but it takes time to traffic unexpectedly, and transportation costs also increase with transfer changeover. Besides, where we go is in the mountains, there is only means called bus. So I came up with Fukui Prefecture. Fukui, which is somewhat of a presence, was the first land. Recommended for those who want to have a peaceful and relaxing time. There were few people in the town. Soba is famous and I entered the underground sobaya. The guests were glad but it was delicious. I went to Tojinbo. I was touched the great nature. This was not in the plan, either. If I try to do as much as I can in one day and two days, I can hardly go anywhere. Because Tojinbo was close, I decided there. The streets, the streetcar to go there, this atmosphere is nice and memorable. Hokuriku is recommended. A relaxing time flows.

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