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Overseas travel is also nice, but easy traveling in Japan is also nice.

Overseas travel is also nice, but easy traveling in Japan is also nice. There are many places that Japan has not done yet. My recommended travel destination is Nagoya! I went to Nagoya to play with my friends, but there are so many fun things already. After all Main is ... If you say Nagoya it will be a meal! The rice is delicious! Miso cutlets in chicken wings! When I went on a trip, my friend seemed to be distracted, and I got them taken to various famous stores. Miso katsu is a huge big cut. Many people were lined up, but it is really tasty. After all I think that it is a system with a strong taste, but my favorite also has a strong taste lover, it was perfect for me. I ate another chicken wings ... ah, and I also ate miso simmered! After all the home is not the same. It was more delicious than any of the miso stews we ate. I just got to talk about something about food, but I think that there are quite a lot of food in Nagoya. Morning at a coffee shop is amazing! Just by asking for coffee, eggs followed by bread and boiled eggs! Is it? Is not it an already set? I think that it is coffee to the end, are not there? I also went to Nagoya Castle, not just food. Although it said that it was a considerable queue to the middle, I refrained. Other than that, Osu Kannon. It is just in the electric town. I can enjoy it variously. So, if you want to eat delicious things for travel purposes, Nagoya is quite recommended.

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